Soke Raymond L. Cagle 
Founder and Master Chief Instructor
Dojoku Martial Arts

Portrait by: Ed Parker Jr.

  • President of the DOJOKU Martial Arts Federation
  • 44 Years in the Martial Arts
  • 9th Degree Black Belt - Dojoku Martial Arts
  • 8th Degree Black Belt - Tae Kwon Do
  • Senior Instructor Certification - Jeet Kune Do
  • 7th Degree Black Belt - American Kenpo (Professor of the Art)
  • 7th Degree Black Belt -JuJitsu
  • 6th Degree Black Belt - Aiki-JuJutsu (Sentou Ryu)
  • 6th Degree Black Belt - Hapkido
  • Instructorship in FMA - Arnis
  • Lifetime Member of IKKA (International Kenpo Karate Academies)
  • Member of the Elite Kenpo Council - IKKA.
  • Certified Military Combatives Instructor - MCA, DMAF
  • Member of ICJAF International Kaiso Council
  • Certified Personal Protection Officer (Bodyguard)
  • Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Certified First Aid / CPR, (Infant, Child and Adult)
  • NRA Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor
  • NRA Personal Protection Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • 2015 USA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame - Multiple Disciplined Pioneer of the Year!
  • 2015 Martail Arts Magazine Hall of Honors - Golden Lifetime Award!
  • 2014 USA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame - Multiple Disciplined Master of the Year!
  • 2013 USA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame - Soke of the Year!

Soke's Martial Arts Background:

Soke Cagle started his Martial Arts training in 1975 at the age of five.  Over the years he has attained Multiple Black Belts in various Arts as well as cross trained in many other styles such as CQC, Brazilian JuJitsu, Hapkido, Aikido, Savate, Goju Ryu, Tang Soo Do, Muay Thai, American Freestyle Martial Arts, Boxing, Pressure Points as well as stick, knife and gun defense to name a few.  Soke continues to this day to cross train in other styles and grow as a martial artist not only for his own knowledge but for his students as well.
Soke Cagle has never believed in limiting oneself to just one style.  He enjoys learning different ways of thinking, different angles and most of all working with people and seeing how the Martial Arts can transform a person. He has been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure of working out with some great Masters and Instructors from all over the world. While in the U.S. Navy,  he trained in Mississippi, California, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Bali, China, Hong Kong, and Bahrain while in the Gulf War in Iraq.  After getting out of the Navy, Soke Cagle devoted his life and time to creating and founding a well rounded Martial Art style for the real world of today! His students are fortunate in that they can receive training in several styles under one Instructor instead of having to spend thousands of dollars and years of training in each style to learn all the techniques and self defense that you will receive at DOJOKU!!

Military Service:

U.S. Navy, 1999-2004, served with Naval Police, California; also served in Japan and the War in Iraq; Operation Southern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Aviation Administration, US Naval Police Anti-Terrorism Training, Counter-Intelligence, Communications, Crowd and Perimeter Control,  Tactical/Evasive/Defensive Driving, Disaster Control, Vehicle Modification; Bomb Detection; Hostage Situations, Perception Training, Dynamics of Terror, Electronic Surveillance and Counter Measures, Building Assault, Deadly Weapons, Embussing / Debussing / Escorting, Advanced Weapons Training, PR-24 Baton Instructor, OC / Pepper Spray Instructor.




"After three years even a disaster
can prove to
be a blessing!"




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