Dojoku History and Info

Kyu Shin Ryu-
“The School that Teaches how to Govern the Mind”

Literally translated “The School of No Mind”
DOJO - Martial Arts Training Hall and
KU - Empty Mind or No Mind respectively.

Practitioners of Budo in Japan are told to make themselves "KU", both in everyday life and for fighting. This means you must put yourself in a state where you are not stuck on anything.  It is said that if you are not stuck on anything, you will not fall for an enemy's plots, and you will be able to calmly take the best course of action. DOJOKU was officially founded in 2004 by Soke / Founder Raymond L. Cagle, all though it has been in the developmental stages for many years. It's his life's work and long time dream of creating a well rounded and effective style.  

Dojoku is a non-traditional, American Martial Art focusing on self-defense and real world combat training. It maintains the traditional values of the martial arts, while at the same time encompassing the core techniques and ideals from several different styles.

Dojoku is an American Hybrid Reality Based Mixed Martial Art
and a Complete Self Defense System!

 The actual evolution of what is now called Dojoku occurred over a period of three decades of training in the Texas area.  Soke Cagle recognized early in life each style's relative strengths and weaknesses, and began to search for workable adaptations, using different styles.  Working with some of his advanced students and other instructors, Soke Cagle began to develop some of the techniques which were later to become known as DOJOKU.  Techniques which represent a blend of soft and hard styles and new techniques are used both in class and private lessons.  The popularity gained by Soke Cagle and his style, through this new integration of techniques prompted him to further integrate more punches, blocks, and kicks into the style. Through the next 5 years while Master Cagle was serving our country in the U.S. Navy and in the Gulf War in Iraq, he continued to refine and add to the style.  Each opportunity he had to go ashore in a different country he took time to seek out martial art schools and train with black belts from all over the world from California to Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Thailand, Bali, Bahrain, Iraq, Indonesia, Singapore, and Guam.  This new approach to the martial arts became an identifiable style which possessed techniques and philosophy from many martial arts.

At this point, the style was still unnamed, even though techniques and philosophies which were peculiar to the new system had already been established.  Finally, the name for the style, DOJOKU Martial Arts was decided upon.  The Japanese word DOJO is translated "Martial Arts training hall".  The Japanese word KU means "Empty Mind” or “No Mind”.  The DOJOKU emblem (created before the name) and definition can be found by CLICKING HERE.  Having designed the logo himself at the age of 16, DOJOKU Founder Soke Cagle was amazed to later learn how well the logo ideals still fit into the philosophy of the developing style.

The new styles' growth accelerated when Soke Cagle opened a dojo in Irving, Texas after returning home from the U.S. Navy.   Further growth distinguished the style from any other school around the area.  The arrival of a talented student, Luke Milam, who came to the dojo as a red belt from another style helped Soke Cagle finish some of the advanced techniques and later became DOJOKU’s first Black Belt.

After moving to Asheville in 2006 with his wife Renee, Soke Cagle has overcome remarkable odds over the past few years with surviving a kidney disease, a kidney transplant in 2007. He is teaching again at the newest location at in S. Asheville. Adding even more Jeet Kune Do, Aiki-JuJutsu, Hapkido and American Kenpo into the mix of Dojoku it is more reality based than ever before.  Soke Cagle is also now working on a new Reality Based System called Survive Combat.  Soke Cagle is dedicated to making the Dojoku system one of the best well rounded Reality Based Mixed Martial Art styles available in the world today. Also his personal goal is to change how a Martial Art school is viewed by the public and schools in the WNC area by putting ethics back into business, which allows us to truly help our Dojoku families, schools and our community!

In May 2016 Soke Cagle closed his Asheville headquarters, Soke Cagle had Semi retired and continues to work on advancing the Dojoku System by offering a state of the art cross training system, seminars and Martial Art School Consulting!

A NEW beginning, after having much needed surgeries, Soke Cagle is now looking forward to a new begining. Where will the NEW SCHOOL OPEN?





Inspirational Quotes:

"People that are really GREAT at something, do it for their own approval, not someone else's!"




"You must be the change you wish to see in the world!"
- Gandhi



"The TRUE perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man IS!"
- Oscar Wilde


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